Brumby’s is one of Australia’s most iconic bakeries. With a history of baking fresh bread every day since 1975, it has fostered a loyal legion of customers who buy more than 10.5 million loaves each year. Featuring more than 250 stores across Australia, New Zealand and  Papua New Guinea , Brumby’s has also grown to incorporate the specialty sub-brands Brumby’s GO! and Big Dad’s Pies.

Brumby’s has firmly cemented its position as one of Australia’s most trusted and loved brands, specialising in freshly baked bread and bakery goods including, Artisan Loaves, Sweet Cakes, Tarts and Slices, Savouries, Pastries,  Gourmet Pies and Sandwiches.

In 2013 Brumbys underwent a transformation in order to remain current in the market and meet ever changing consumer demands. The brand extending their range to include functional health breads, large cakes, and quality crafted coffee.