Brumby’s Bakery Menu


As a specialty bread retailer Brumby’s has over 70 different bread lines that cater to our customer’s needs. From standard White Loaves to Swiss Soy & Linseed Loaves, our extensive range has been perfected over generations. As part of our Get Active and Preservative Free ranges, Brumby’s offer breads with functional health benefits for our customers to choose from.


Brumby’s boasts an extensive sweet range from Glens to Slices and Family Cakes. Sweets are a big part of the Brumby’s business and with over 100 sweet products in the Brumby’s system your product knowledge on all lines is vital to keeping our customers happy and informed.


Brumby’s Savoury lines are a key point of difference to our competitors. Brumby’s offers an extensive range of Savoury items including Hot Pies, Sausage Rolls and Family Tear ‘n’ Shares. We also offer a range of breakfast lines including our Signature Bruffins.


Brumby’s freshly made sandwich range is also a key point of difference to competitors.  The range offers consumers a healthier lunch time offering and adds depth to our overarching savoury range.


Christmas and Easter are the biggest times of year for Brumby’s. As such, the product ranges for these special times of year are constantly being revised to meet customer expectations. However, Brumby’s still bakes the old favourites each year like the Traditional Hot Cross Bun or Christmas Pudding.


With the growing demand for coffee and bakery café lines, Brumbys has added espresso coffee to the menu. This addition complements the bakery product lines and provides added potential to improve profitability for our Franchisees. Made instore by retail staff, using a premium grade blend the quality of coffee served matches that of our quality made products instore.