Brett & Samantha Connell Brumby’s Easy T

“The number one thing I love about Brumby’s is working for myself, and being the local baker helps me be a real part of my local community.  I have a great lifestyle now days, I can work in the mornings and pop in and direct and see the staff in the afternoons.

My earning potential is great, bread has a good margin for profit and I can control the production of product to meet demand.

The products at Brumby’s speak for themselves. The freshness of daily baking really hits home with my customers, and it shows when they return daily to get all their bakery needs!”

Candice & Billy Dows Brumby’s Nundah

“The main reason for joining a franchise system was to allow us more time to spend on the actual day-to-day running of the business. We are constantly impressed by the support and encouragement that comes from Brumby’s.”