• Q: Do I require any special experience?
    A: No, although having business experience is always an advantage. We provide comprehensive training for all areas of your new store.
  • Q: What is the term of a franchise agreement?
    A: New franchisees are ordinarily granted a five (5) year initial franchise term together with an option to renew for a further five (5) years. This may vary depending upon the term of the lease applicable to the site.
  • Q: What is the total cost of acquiring and opening a Brumby’s franchise?
    A: A new Brumby’s Bakery can range in price from $370,000 to $430,000 (excluding GST).
  • Q: What does the total cost include?
    A: It includes a fully fitted-out store and equipment, training, manuals and initial franchise fee but excludes GST.
  • Q: Do I have to pay a deposit? If so when and under what circumstances would I lose my deposit or any part of it?
    A: A deposit is payable upon second stage application– post suitability assessment. These monies are generally refundable if the franchise doesn’t proceed.
  • Q: What are the ongoing fees of the franchise?
    A: A franchise service fee of 6% (plus GST) of your total gross sales calculated weekly is payable in connection with the Brumby’s Bakery franchise system. A marketing contribution equal to 2.5% (plus GST) of your total gross sales calculated weekly is also payable into an independently audited marketing fund.
  • Q: How much profit will I make?
    A: This depends largely on several factors such as the sales performance of the outlet, the value of wages paid, cost of goods and other operating costs and generally how you operate your business. We have identified certain key performance indicators which are monitored in order to maximise your profitability.